Suede is a type of leather with a finished surfaced that is fuzzy rather than smooth. It’s notoriously hard to clean which is bad news since this material has been known to get dirty so quickly. It’s still a common material used for handbags, shoes, coats, and more, and if you have a suede piece in your closet that’s begging for cleaning, it’s smart to call in a professional suede cleaner for the item.

1. You can’t use water

One big no-no when it comes to cleaning suede is using any water at all on the material. Water will stain it, past the point of any return to the original condition. One big pitfall in trying to clean this material on your own is that you can quickly and easily cause damage beyond repair making the much wiser choice calling a professional suede cleaner to do the job for you.

2. Professionals know the tricks

Professionals know how to clean almost any type of fabric including difficult ones like suede. Just one of the tricks in their bag includes an item that you would find in kindergarten classrooms all over the country – a pencil eraser. A high-quality pencil eraser can be used to practically erase certain types of stains on suede garments, as can steam, a dry bath towel, a fingernail file, a wire suede brush and degreasers made specifically for leather.

3. Clean in no time

If you opted to clean your suede garment yourself, chances are it might take you months, if not years to get around to actually doing it. This will mean your favorite suede shoes, handbag or jacket will be out of commission for a long time. Rather than waiting until you have the time to do it yourself, drop your item off at a professional cleaner for a really fast turnaround and a like-new garment ready for your next night on the town.