You would probably agree that you lead a really busy life. In fact, after the week flies by, you probably find yourself thinking on Sunday afternoon, where did the weekend go? If you barely have time to fit in all the adventures of life, your nine to five, familial obligations, and the like, perhaps it’s time to consider simplifying and finding ways to free up your time like using a wash and fold laundry service near you. 

1. Convenience 

Using a wash and fold laundry service near you is a convenient way to get your weekly laundry done without spending excessive amounts of time in your own laundry room or neighborhood laundromat. It’s a convenient service and most establishments even come to you for pick up and delivery. After you’ve had a busy week at work, or a whirlwind weekend of adventures, this kind of convenience is a lifesaver.  

2. Efficiency

Professional laundry services are also much more efficient at this necessary chore. They use commercial size washing and drying machines that can handle many more clothes at one time than residential machines. These commercial machines are also more powerful, drying large loads of clothes in a fraction of the time it would take you to complete the same household chores.  

3. Cost-effective 

When you consider the amount of time you might spend doing laundry at home during the week or on your weekends, you have to factor in how much your time is worth and if your time could be better spent doing things other than laundry. Most pick up and delivery services are cost-effective in the grand scheme of things. And the convenience and peace of mind that the service introduces into your life are priceless.  

4. Speed

As mentioned previously, professional laundry businesses get tons of laundry done really quick. Not only do these businesses have a whole army of washers and dryers at their disposal, but these machines are also beasts compared to the ones you have at home. They are larger and more powerful helping to get piles of laundry done in a very short amount of time.

5. Professional clean

By using laundry services, you’ll also get a professional clean. Your machines at home probably do an ok job getting your clothes clean. But, professional machines are even better at getting your whites whiter and your brights brighter, and you’re sure to notice the difference.

6. Frees up your time

Depending on a laundry service to pick up your dirty clothes and drop them off clean a couple of days later, frees up your time during the week or on the weekends to do things you’d rather spend time doing. Not only will handing this chore off to a professional company free up your time, but it will give you peace of mind and a little bit more room to breathe in your busy life full of to-do lists and errands. No need to add “laundry” to your list again. 

7. More time for fun on the weekend

By using a professional laundry pickup, you’ll have more time for fun on the weekend. You’ll no longer be chained to your laundry room or the neighborhood laundromat in a race to get your clothes clean before Monday morning arrives. Let someone else take care of it for you and kick your heels up for some fun and relaxation before it’s time to head back to work. 

8. One-stop services

Yet another convenient aspect of laundry businesses is that they likely offer many services under one roof. Not only will they pick up your dirty clothes, clean them, and bring them back to your house when they’re finished, you can also choose to have clothes pressed, mended and many other services that might be offered by your neighborhood service. It’s always nice to be able to handle several chores in one location. 

9. Environmentally friendly

Professional cleaning services also offer washing and drying that is more environmentally friendly than what you could accomplish at home. Their giant machines often use less water to get the job done and more clothes can be washed at one time cutting down on the number of loads required. High-powered dryers also cut down on drying time using less energy and drying your clothes more efficiently. 

10. Stain and odor removal

There is nothing like a professional cleaning service when it comes to treating stubborn stains and knocking nasty odors on their heels. Your neighborhood laundry service likely uses commercial-grade cleaners safe for clothing that easily lifts stains and leaves your laundry smelling like a spring meadow. For the ultimate clean, consider enlisting the help of a pickup and delivery laundry service today. 

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